A unique environment


The arid landscape of Oman
is shaped by water; along the centuries,
it dug caves, valleys and gorges.
Wadis with their limpid pools, waterfalls
and lush vegetation are some of the
best attractions of the country.

A huge gorge, a transparent river and large pools colored in green to light blue are the perfect mix for the perfect wadi.

Climbing by four weel drive upstream the wadi, we’ll reach the last village perched on the left side of the valley known for its plantations and its waterfall. For the bravest there are amazing pools to be reached after a short abseiling.

Oman’s most famous wadi is a must; its pool and cave are accessible by everyone, making this an entry level experience for all.

An amazing wadi whose secret branches
offer various levels of difficulty
and big emotions

with us.

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